Conducting Symposium/Choral Festival Details

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 Shout Glory  Byron Smith  Gentry Publications  SAB  $2.21
 Rise Up, My Love  Michael Jothen  Sing!  Medium Easy  SAB  $1.89
 Galway Bay (Brothers, Sing On! - Jonathan Palant Choral Series)  Emily Crocker  Mark Foster  TBB  $2.03
 Zum Gali Gali (Brothers, Sing On! - Jonathan Palant Choral Series)  Dan Miner  Mark Foster  TBB  $2.03
 Lunar Lullaby  Jacob J. Narverud  TTBB,Pno  $1.94
 I Heard from Heaven Today  Brent Wells  M  SSAA  $2.34
 Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair  Nathaniel Adams  M  SSAA  $2.48
 Where Will I Go?  Garrett Hoffman  SATB,Pno  $1.94
 We Shall Overcome  Robert T. Gibson  M  SATB  $2.48
 Gaude et laetare  Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck / James Rodde  M/D  SSATB  $2.30
 Hope On  Hans Bridger Heruth  SATB div,Pno  $1.94
 Bright Morning Stars  Alice Parker  E/M  SATB  $2.34
 Charlie Is My Darling  Sarah Rimkus  M  SATB  $2.66
 How Excellent Is Thy Name  John W. Higdon / Joseph Joubert  M  SATB  $2.48
 I Got a Song!  Colin Lett  M  SATB divisi  $2.66
 O Vos Omnes  Robert Wall  SATB / a cappella  $1.71
 Day of Fire and Sun  Dominick DiOrio  M/D  SATB divisi  $2.66
 Cricket-Stars  Kevin Padworski  Robyn Lana  4  SSA  $1.98
 Jericho!  Reginal Wright  4  SSA  $1.98