Conducting Symposium/Choral Festival Details

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 Eldorado  Glenda E. Franklin  Sing!  Medium Easy  TB  $2.03
 Spirituals Medley  African-American Spirituals / Lon Beery  Three-part Mixed  $2.03
 Machiboke  (Waiting in Vain)  Kousaku Yamada / Yukiko Nishimura  SA  $1.76
 Sawubona  We Arrive With One Voice  James DesJardins  Unison and Two-part  $2.25
 Saw You Never, in the Twilight  (Chartres)  15th Century French Carol / Ken Berg  Unison and Two-part  $2.03
 Asante  Dave and Jean Perry  Sing!  Medium Easy  Two-part  $2.12
 Alegria  Jerry Estes  Sing!  Medium Easy  Two-part  $2.12
 Hope  ( the Thing with Feathers)  Richard Williamson  Three-part Mixed  $2.03
 Marujo do Rosario  Brazilian Folk Song / Elisa Dekaney, Eduardo Lakschevitz  Three-part Mixed  $2.03
 Shenandoah  American Folk Song / Michael John Trotta  Three-part Mixed  $2.48
 Even Amid the Darkest Storm  Michael John Trotta  Sing!  Medium Easy  Three-part Mixed  $2.21
 Sing to Me  Cynthia Gray  Sing!  Medium Easy  SAB  $2.03
 Exsultate  Mark Burrows  3-pt mxd,Pno  $1.98
 Onward I Go  Joyce Eilers Bacak  3-pt mxd,Pno  $1.85
 Ndikhokhele Bawo  Michael Ryan  3-pt mxd,Pno  $1.98
 Two Landscapes of Song for Treble Voices  1. Who Robbed the Woods 2. Cool is the Valley Now  Paul David Thomas  SA  $2.25